Finding the right employees and colleagues is the key to a company’s success. Ability works with well-established methods and selects processes based on the wants and needs of our clients. We fulfill recruitment requirements and this can mean responsibility for the entire recruitment or an efficient complement to the clients own processes.

We work with five processes within recruitment:



This means that we take care of the whole process. We conduct a business analysis, formulate ad text, present media plans, book and manage the advertising. Then we register applications, send confirmation to candidates, answer questions and assist with the selection. After in-depth interviews and tests, we apply references to selected candidates based on our 360° method and then the candidates will be presented for our costumer.


Is a combination of Selection and Executive Search. The process provides maximum transparency of both open and hidden markets and ensures a broader basis for finding the right candidate.


Appropriate when the client has advertised on his own and has a number of final candidates, where a deeper assessment of persons can facilitate the selection. The service is also appropriate when the company recruits internally. We map strengths and weaknesses related to a particular position. Second opinion includes review of requirement profile, prerequisites, in-depth interviews and tests. Thereafter, referral, oral report to the client and written evaluation report will be recommended.


Is a specific part of the entire recruitment and helps with the selection of candidates themselves. This is a service primarily for companies that have internal resources to handle the rest of the process. After a careful study of the company's working methods and requirements profile, we look for the number of candidates that we consider to be appropriate and present the selection within a predetermined schedule.


In general, we work secretly in all recruitment processes and do not provide information about either client or candidate without permission. All documentation is stored in a safe manner and complies with Swedish legislation. We make sure that the candidates feel dignified, friendly and professional. As representatives of our client, we respect the way we handle our contacts and hence the company's reputation.