PAT Management

Our partner, PAT Management in Lund, has been working since the 1990s with employee appraisal during selection/recruitment and development as well as psychological testing. All of their consultants are licensed psychologists and are specialists at employee appraisal, psychological testing, and leadership audits.

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(Swedish Academy of Board Directors)
In collaboration with the Swedish Academy of Board Directors, we appraise boards of directors and recruit new board members. The Swedish Academy of Board Directors is a non-profit organization that promotes improved board activities in Swedish companies.
The Swedish Academy of Board Directors has fifteen local branch associations with a total of 4,000 individual members and works with training, networking, recruiting, and public relations.​​​​​​​


Our partner SPOTstress is a company that focuses on mapping and stress prevention efforts in organizations. Their tools identify causes of stress, enabling proactive measures to be applied with precision.​​​​​​​

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