Sometimes things do not turn out as planned. When the organisation must undergo change, such as a major reorganisation or downsizing, or both, it is essential to have a working strategy for the process. Ability has extensive experience of individual outplacement, of management support during the transition process, and so on and can provide very competent support for both managers and other employees.


Outplacement is an individualised program based solely on the companys and the individuals underlying conditions, desires, and situation.

Ability’s outplacement program maintains high standards and develops in tune with the needs and situation. The material we used is adapted for the Swedish labour market.

Ability’s program follows standardised methods, but we can also tailor the program to the clients and the individuals own desires and needs.

We consider transition to be a temporary phase between two situations, between the individuals current situation and their future and focuses on finding new employment. During this stage, the individual has access to a coach who provides guidance to make the transition phase as short as possible.

Because of our business areas of Recruitment, Development and Transition, we have extensive experience with the labour market and how it works. You can feel secure knowing that you are placing your employees in our care.