​​​​​​​Här jobbar vi med coaching, både individuellt och inom ledningsgruppen.

Leader coaching

The process is support personalized both to the individual and to the business operations. The objective is to motivate and promote leaders to personal results that fulfill both their own and their companys objectives through better leadership.
Ability`s Coaching consists of structured and well-proven methods of handling the leaders role within a team. Together with a senior consultant, daily leadership is treated based on current issues. Regular and well-prepared meetings are conducted for a stipulated period. These meetings are used to stimulate discussion, reviews, and follow ups of activities as well as the clients own ideas and thoughts. Every meeting has an agenda is concluded first when the agenda is completed.
At the beginning of the collaboration, relevant test tools are used as a basis the working methods for each position.

Expected results

  • Improved self-insight
  • Increased awareness about successful handling of strong respective weak sides
  • Increased knowledge of and understanding of others behaviour
  • Improved ability to cooperate and leadership
  • Support for the leaders own competence development
  • Improved decision-making ability and clearer objective focusing in the work

Development program for management groups

The content of the program is adapted based on the need to develop management team processes and create a stronger team as well as to develop the individual leadership skills of the participants.

The program comprises a number of seminar days and individual coaching meetings over a set period of time.

The participants undergo a personality analysis to provide the opportunity for increased self-understanding, thereby providing improved conditions to succeed in their role as a leader and as a team member.


The role of the leadership team is an important one, but it is perhaps most important when difficult decisions must be made and when inspiring others to unite in support of the decision becomes pivotal to the success of its implementation.
The management team must function as a team where the members know it other well and can cooperate in the best possible manner. This places great demands on the management team, both regarding the ability to interact and for the development of the organisation.

Expected results

  •  More efficient meetings
  • Increased ability to cooperate with others, knowledge of and understanding of each other
  • A common view of the work of the management team
  • A secure, constructive, and very effective team

360° Development analysis

Is a web-based process aimed at helping managers develop their own leadership. The method provides a thorough feedback to the participant about strengths and weaknesses that lead to increased self-awareness and thus a more effective way of working. The method is part of the MDA but can also be used individually.

The participant answers questions divided into 8 areas:
Ability to:
  • Lead yourself
  • Lead their employees
  • Communicate
  • Engage
  • Delegate
  • Conflict manages
  • Make decisions
  • Reach the result
The study is conducted as a web survey and the answers are then graphically compiled. The result is co-organized by the participant and the client. In connection with the submission of the results, the participant also receives an individually adapted proposal for development measures.


The 360 ° analysis charts a person's performance among the various employees involved with the person in question. It may be super ordinate, subordinate or other actors in this context. In the analysis, the participant also evaluates himself in the so-called self-assessment. The process provides a solid foundation for a concrete development plan.
  • fisk1
  • fisk2
  • fisk3

Managment development assessment (MDA)

Can be described as efficient, fast and operational development processes to support individuals and teams in different phases of the company. The MDA helps to assess the prerequisites for good performance based on the individual's own ability and motivation.

MDA is built around our basic philosophy; B = F (P, S) which means "Behavior is a Function of Personality and the Situation You Are." It is an important starting point for developing a behavior to become a success factor.


1. Personality test "Perspective"
2. Personal interview
3. 360° Development Analysis
4. Evaluation and feedback

The result is presented verbally and graphically to the employer and through feedback to the participant.


  • Provides feedback to the participant about his / her leadership skills and supports the participant in his or her personal development.
  • Helps the participant to discover and choose correct actions to optimize experience and knowledge in the current work and for future potential positions within the organization.
  • Improves communication between boss and employee, thus giving a broader perspective around the discussions about development.
  • Explains developmental needs at the managerial level by studying levels of experience as well as knowledge

Stress Management

Stress and stress-related unhealth today is something that most people in the workplace can relate to. At the moment, the stress level in Sweden is increasing more than ever and costs businesses and society as a whole, billions. At the same rate, it greatly destroys life for both individuals and families. The Work Environment Authority now tightens the demands of employers who, unless the rules are followed, risk heavy fines​​​​​​​.

The Stress Management tool SPOT-stress

The measures used to cope with stress today are usually reactive, i.e. they are inserted when the individual in question is so fit that he or she can no longer work. With our stress management tool (SPOT-stress), focus is shifted to proactivity and allows you to act before it's too late. By comparing stress levels with stress resistance, our method can also be used to predict future health status in an organization. The method is based on a holistic approach, considering both private and work-related factors.


We measure the current stress level and ability to handle stress through a web-based test that can be performed on all devices; Phone, tablet or computer. Then we present a performance report showing how the individual employee is and how he / she manages stress in different situations. The results are analyzed by specialists who then present tailored solutions. This ensures cost-effective measures, ensuring that resources are invested in the right area. The method can be used individually but is recommended for all employees in a company to provide a clear and consistent picture of the overall stress level. With SPOT-stress, the company takes great responsibility for a good and health-promoting work environment.