Interim simply means a temporary solution. Many companies and organizations are sometimes found themselves in unfortunate situations. This may occur when an important employee leaves the company unplanned or, for example, in case of illness where the time factor does not allow a normal recruitment process. For whatever reason, immediate resources may be needed to fill the gap and regain the balance of processes and projects until full-scale recruitment has taken place. Rapid reaction in addition of a suitable substitute with industrial experience requires, in addition to a solid database of current candidates, an ability to reach a wide range of search and knowledge on how to find the best skills for a temporary interim solution.
We have a solid experience of competence assessment by well-trained consultants. Thanks to countless recruitment assignments, coaching and leadership consultations, we can quickly analyze the needs for a company to provide relevant resources.

Our network has been created for 25 years, which means our interim consultants have solid skills in most industries and levels, and they can quickly enter where necessary.