Executive Search


Building on a solid and comprehensive mapping work that is fundamental for continued work. In each assignment, we make a customized research and map relevant industries and companies to find the right candidates. We work with several different channels, where the most important is our extensive personal network.
We have significant experience within Executive Search and we pride ourselves on our high set standards when it comes to confidentiality, professionalism and perceptiveness.
In everything we do we aim to be efficient throughout the process. With our high quality services we always make sure that you as a customer get exactly what you need based on an individual plan where we map out relevant candidates that does much more than just match your list of demands. We make sure that personal traits, your company’s values and business strategies also matches with the candidates. We go in depth to make sure that everything will correspond with the points mentioned above so that the person selected will be at your company to stay.

Our business experience combined with our personal experience of working in both board rooms and management teams gives us a good understanding of what it takes to be a successful key figure. Our immense circle of contacts together with our network of candidates that we have developed through the years makes for valuable assets. But as much as that is the case we also work hard to find new candidates outside of what might be considered the obvious area to look, so that you will be guaranteed the best suitable candidate.  
You will have our outmost discretion throughout the process. We always make sure that we keep a high confidentiality that assures that both your and the candidates’ information is perfectly safe. We guarantee that sensitive information will never be leaked in any way.